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Agenda for Meetings

Board of Directors Meeting
1. Meeting called to Order by President
2. Roll Call & Communications from Absentee Members
3. Welcome President
4. Reading of Minutes of Previous Board Meeting and MMR
5. Secretary's Report
6. Treasurer's Report
7. Vice President & Committees' Reports
8. New Business
9. Consideration of proposal for Membership, if any
10. Approval of Bills for payment.
11. Any other subject with the permission of the chair
12. Vote of thanks
13. Meeting Adjourned

General Body Meeting
1. Meeting called to Order by President / Presiding Officer
2. Flag Salutation
3. One minute Silent Prayer for World Peace
4. Welcome by President / Presiding Officer
5. Secretary's Report
6. Introduction of Chief Guest
7. Address by Chief Guest
8. Interaction Time
9. Honoring Chief Guest
10. Any other matter with the permission of the chair
11. Tail Twister's Time
12. Vote of Thanks
13. Meeting Adjourned.

Official Protocol
The following is the official protocol policy of the LCI

Order of Precedence
Lions shall be recognized in the following order :
1. International President
2. Immediate Past International President
3. International Vice Presidents (according to rank)
4. Past International Presidents
5. International Directors (Board Appointees)
6. Past International Directors
7. Regional LCIF Coordinators and Area GMT/GLT Leaders
8. Chairperson, Council of Governors
9. District Governors
10. Association Executive Administrator
11. Association Secretary
12. Association Treasurer
13. LCIF Executive Administrator
14. Past Council Chairperson
15. Immediate Past District Governor
16. Multiple District Chairpersons and Coordinators (including LCIF, GMT and GLT)
17. First Vice District Governor
18. Second Vice District Governor
19. Past District Governor
20. Multiple District Secretaries (Volunteer)
21. Multiple District Treasurers (Volunteer)
22. District Secretaries
23. District Treasurers
24. District GMT, GLT, LCIF Co-Ordinator
25. Region Chairperson
26. Zone Chairperson
27. District Chairperson
28. Club Presidents
29. Immediate Past Club Presidents
30. Club Secretaries
31. Club Treasurers
32. Past Club Presidents
33. Multiple District Secretaries (staff)
34. Multiple District Treasurers (staff)

Tips for Good Meetings
a. Meetings to be brief and completed within 60 minutes

b. Start and end meetings on time.

c. All meetings to have agenda with clear delegation of who will do what.

d. Ensure proper arrangements of Venue, Mike, Dais, Lighting, Photographers, Chief Guest, Caterer, Mementos, Garlands. (Assign responsibilities to individual members well in advance)

e. Ensure meeting notice and invitations reach on time. Telephone to members and guests to ensure good attendance.

f. Use Name Boards for seats to avoid confusion on the dais. Secretary should direct the dignitaries to their seats.

g. Assign introduction, vote of thanks etc., in advance to ensure they are fully prepared and rehearsed to maintain time allotted for them.

h. Protocol to be established once and not repeated.

i. Flag Salutation should be rendered by a person who can read it well or preferably render it by heart and earn special points.

j. Meeting place should be good, keeping with Lions Club's dignity, comfortable for the audience, spacious have good acoustics and also have good parking facility.