Club Reports

1. Apart from the above, if any Club wants to concentrate on any particular field of activity, it can be in consultation of the District Governor and concentrate its efforts towards
2. Awards will also be given individual field of activity including for any other activities, not listed here or any special type enhancing the image of Lionism.

1. The Clubs are advised to make a monthly service activities report classifying the activities under respective categories and enclose the same with the corresponding MA Report.
2. The activties done in the particular month shall be reported in the same month only. Those activities not reported in MA Report but susequently included in the consolidated activities report will not be taken in to account for club evaluation purpose.
3. Activities reported under one category should not be reported in another head of activities.
4. The report of service activities should clearly indicate the monetary value, number of beneficiaries and ints impact on the society besiedes photos. If posible leaflets, News paper cuttings etc.,* The Activites of Lioness club/Leo clubs will not be considered in the valution of service activities of Lions club.

Note: For getting awards under the service Activity the following minimum administrative requirements should have been fulfilled:

1. District Governor's Programe and Centenary Programmes should be given priority while carrying service activities.
2. Timely submission of MMR and activities Reports
3. Timely payment of all club dues.
4. Must send their PU-101 by 30th of April 2018
5. The Club should have minimum of 25 members by the year end to qualify for the best club in the District.
***In other respect previous contest rules applicable and to be taken in to consideration….

1. During District Governors' Official visit to the Club, concerned Region Chairperson, Zone Chairperson, and the Home Club Cabinet Officers shall attend Special BOD meeting and General Body meeting.
2. Payment Dues:
International dues to be paid by Demand Draft (NEFT / RTGS transfers, please obtain bank details from DCT) drawn in favor of The International Association of Lions Clubs, payable at Mumbai. DD along with a Xerox copy and a Xerox copy of the bill to be sent to the District Office only. Similarly Multiple and District Dues should be paid by DD/cheque (NEFT) payable at Bangalore and sent to the District Office.
3. Once District Governor's date of Official Visit to the Club has been confirmed, no changes will be considered unless absolutely necessary and will be at the discretion of the District Governor.
4. All the Cabinet Officers, especially Region Chairperson and Zone Chairperson should ensure that all Lions Clubs' meetings adhere to timings and given in program. All District, Region, Zone and club functions must adhere to timings and avoid all unnecessary rituals. The Public and Lions families must enjoy and appreciate attending Lions functions.
5. All unnecessary communications must be avoided and brisk business like approach encouraged.
6. District Governor's decision is final in his assessment & evaluation of overall efficiency of the club, Officers and District officer's performance.
7. Minimum Service Activities criteria have been prescribed for clubs in contest for Best Club Awards. Clubs giving prominence to the District Governor's Program & Centennial Service Program will get additional weight age.
8. 1th Vice District Governor/2nd Vice District Governor/Region Chairperson will assist an evaluation of the quality of the club's meetings.
9. All the cabinet officers will be members in good standing and set an example to Clubs and Lions.
10. Office Bearers for 2016-17 should have been installed before 15 July 2016.
11. All communications, Reports, etc, preferably shall be by E-mails

In case there being more than one club qualifying for Best Club Award, the club involving more than the others in the promotion of Lions Objectives will get additional weight age. The Best Club Award in Administration will be given to the Clubs satisfying the following criteria and doing the following minimum Service Activities.
1. Membership of club should not be less than 25
2. Clubs shall have conducted any six of the following service activities;

I. Sight conservation:
1. One or more Eye Camp/s with minimum of 50 operations or Eye Screening for at least 1000 children.
2. Spectacles distribution 200 or more
3. Conducting 2 or more Diabetic camps

II. Environment Protection
1. Planting 100 or more saplings
2. Distribution of Eco-friendly bags / dustbins
3. Cleaning of parks/ water ponds/ streets

III. Youth Development Programs :
1. Participation in Lions Quest
2. Conducting Vocational Training
3. Youth Developments Seminors

IV. Reliving Hunger :
1. Feeding the poor / orphanage
2. Support for old age home
3. Adoption of Animals

V. Blood Donation: Collecting 250 units of blood or compiling list of 500donors to the District Office with names and addresses.

VI. Health Check up camps (any 4 of the following)
1. Dental 2. Speech & Hearing 3. Diabetes 4. General Health 5. Cancer 6. AIDS Awareness 7. Dialysis 8. Others

VII. Child Immunization: Camp or programs to benefit at least 200 children.

VIII. Service to the Other wiseabled : 50 calipers or 10 artificial limbs or 10 Wheel Chairs.
Any three of the above and maintain permanent project spending more than Rs. 50,000/- per year on the same or any other service activity/activities worth this amount and District Governor's program.
Any one centennial legacy project started before March 2017.

NOTE: No service activity in the form a camp or function will be recognized, unless it is attended by District Officer, other than the home club and duly certified by him with necessary documentation and prior intimation to District Office

1. The activities should be completed between 01-07-2016 to 31-05-2017 and reported in the monthly reports
2. For getting awards under the Service Activity the following minimum administrative requirements should have been fulfilled.
a. Timely submission of WMMR and Activity Reports.
b. Timely payment of all dues.
c Conducting two meetings every month.
d. Minimum Fund raising as specified in Administrative Contest Rules.
3. If the activities are conducted jointly with other club both clubs get points.

1. Apart from the above, if any clubs wants to concentrate on any particular field of activity it can, in consultation with the District Governor and concentrate its efforts towards the same and it will be specially awarded in that field.
2. Awards will also be given for individual field of activity not listed here or any special type enhancing the image of Lionism by Clubs or Member.
In all cases, the decision of the District Governor will be final and binding.

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