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D G visit on 23/01/2021


Dear Lions

Lions clubs of Aditya Nagar conducted the DG visit on 23/01/2021 as usual in its unique way. The most memorable day started with the Board of directors meeting and had fruitful discussions with our District Governor Deepak Suman. This was followed by a very unique programme arranged by our football coach. The football team wore the legendary football player Maradona's jersey number 10 , held candles forming number 10 and thereafter started playing the match which was very much appreciated by all the dignitaries.

The dignitaries were invited to the stage and the meeting was called to order by the President Lion Venkatramanna

All the dignitaries were overwhelmed by the service activities presented by the secretary. The Second quarterly e- bulletin was released.

Charter members, senior lions were honoured.

District governor was introduced by ln Harikumar and thereafter our DG addressed the gathering by acknowledging the dedication and execution of our service activities during this pandemic.

The club was felicitated by the district cabinet secretary lion Arvind Shetty .

All the dignitaries were also felicitated.

Service activity

Rs 5000 was given from our trust to

1) Ashraya school
2) Omega school,also our 1st VP Ln Suraj Kumar donated rs 3000 & two bags of rice to the same.

Lion Vijayan briefed us on the souvenir to be released for the completion of 20 years of our club.

The meeting was adjourned for fellowship & dinner.

Warm regards
Nalini Parameshwaran