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At least 5 new members per each club irrespective of present strength before December At least 7 new clubs with minimum 25 members each before december More focus on women membership Efforts to be made to bring back members who left from last three years 95 % retention

Train and develop more leadership to lead the district in future
Train more incoming leaders at the club level and lead and improve club performances
To have at least 10 certified guiding lions to Mentor the clubs
To ensure training to Zone Chairpersons And Region Chairpersons for the success of the clubs

To have at least one mega service camps every month
To reach more beneficiaries
To involve and work with other corporate and social organizations to create service impact
Continuous and permanent activities for child hood cancer, diabetes program, vision care, hunger relief, blood donation camp and environment to create a bigger impact on the society
Provide scholarship to the needy and help government and trust schools To empower women to support and lead their life

To donate at least 50,000 USD towards LCIF whether through MJFs or through donation
To make every member of our district to be part of LCIF and be proud of it
To encourage clubs to take projects with LCIF support
Support our district LDSF for a permanent district office and service activities

To start at least 5 new leo clubs
To encourage youth development through various youth program
To help youth acquire employment through job fairs

To conduct at least 3 TTW programs
To cover at least 3000 children through SFA program using trained teachers

To create big service impact with publicity
To make our organization a household name for service to community
Involve local and community leaders in all service activities
To organize walkathons and marathons to show case our activities