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H.K. Giridhar mjf
District Governor

Lions International is crossing over from one century to another - a proud moment for all of us. The two faces of Lions in our monogram stands testimony to the fact that we can proudly remember our past and now look forward for a challenging future so that we can make a difference to the needy and underprivileged in and around our respective vicinities.

WE SERVE - TO CHANGE is my vision. As Lions, let the change begin from us so that we can be the change we want to see. Let us be the pride of service. If each one of our members can change atleast the lives of one family, together we would have changed 6000 people.I request all my fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos to join me in this mission of change by adopting the vision and programs of our District 317F.

Membership: Our membership drive has been good during the last year and I appeal to all the Lion Leaders to continue the trend. The most important thing is in retaining the existing members and not admitting new members. It is in the interest of Lionism that we get quality members to our Clubs. Let the prospective members be part of your service activities and meetings for a couple of months so that they know what Lionismis all about before they join. You will be able to filter and get quality members. Do remember membership to Lionism is by invitation only.

Today our District has grown to 55 clubs and my vision is to add another 12 more clubs. As you are aware that from next year we will not have Lioness Club and therefore appeal to all the Lioness to join the mainstream and become a Lion member and get recognised. I earnestly request the Club Leaders to increase their strength by 15%.

Leadership: Regular in house trainings for future leaders is envisaged by my team. The Club Leaders may forward the names of interested members from your respective clubs so as to conduct meaningful training sessions.

Club Meetings: The Club meetings should be conducted in a professional manner. The meetings should be agenda oriented and request the members to come prepared based on the agenda. This would help in quick decision making and also avoid unnecessary discussions. Have regular guest speakers on varied topics. The meeting may be scheduled at a suitable time so that the Lady members will not have difficulty in attending. Twinning: We encourage Lions to undertake twinning not only within our District but also with the other Districts. It is my ambition to see that Lions & Lioness Club twin and engage in service activities.

Leo and Lioness Club: Encourage our children to become members of Leo Clubs so that they imbibe the leadership qualities at a young age. The Lioness movement will come to an end next year and as such they should be encouraged to become members of the Lions. The Lioness have always been in the forefront of all service activities in our District and their experience would strengthen the Lions movement.

LCIF & LSDF : The respective service arms of our International and our District. A lot of service activities are being conducted under the aegis of LCIF and LDSF. All contributions to these two bodies are exclusively used for service activities and would request each one of you to contribute in one way or the other. This year we plan to enrol 15 mjfs/pmjfs.

Seminars/Workshops : Regular seminars/workshops will be conducted for the members of our District on various topics. Encourage more club officers and members to attend the conventions and conferences of our Lions movement.

Peace Poster : Every year the Lions International conducts Peace Poster contest across the world and has received a very good response. This year the theme is "The Future of Peace". Start approaching schools in your vicinity, so that we are able to reach more young students who can express their views on the selected theme.

E-Governance : I seek your cooperation in moving our District to a paperless office. An app is being developed which would encourage all the club leaders to instantly communicate to the District office.

My term as the District Governor of District 317F begins during the second half of the Lions International Centennial year. As such I will continue the Centennial Service Activities viz., Environment, Hunger, Vision and Youth. This year two more service activity challenges has been added i.e., Diabetes awareness and paediatric cancer. Request all the clubs to focus on all the centennial service activities with emphasis on the two new activities.

Quest program is another area which I would thrust on. By this exclusive program for the adolescence we are able to bring in positive change to the youth of our country. More Lions should take up this program and implement it in as much schools as possible. A very meaningful service activity.

Let us all focus on service activities that are result oriented. The activities that we conduct should ensure that the needy/underprivileged are benefitted in the long run. Let us avoid conducting service activities for the purpose of statistics. Instead let us undertake service activities for our conscience. This does not mean that you should avoid statistics and documentation. These two are essential components for the Lions International to showcase the activities we have done individually as a club or District as well as for the Lions International organisation.

Let us embark together on this journey of Lionism with a vision that together we can change a few people and for this I seek all your support and co-operation. As we march into the next century let us be the change you want to see.

Long Live Lionism !
H.K. Giridhar mjf