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Annual Subscription

Regular Member/Head of Family:

US$ 43 per member payable in 2 semi annual installment by August & February

Family Member:
US$ 21.5 per member payable in 2 semi-annual instalments by August & February

Entrance Fee
Regular Member/Head of Family : US$ 35 per new member
Family Member : US$ 35 per family member
Transfer : US$ 20 per charter member
Charter Members : US$ 35 per charter member
Transfer or reinstate member : US$ 16 (with in 12 months)
Life Member (Conditions apply) : US$ 650
Leo Club Sponsorship Fee : US$100 (up to 20 members there after US$ 5 each)
Leo Club Annual Levy US$ 100 each club.

Annual Subscription
Regular Membe : Rs. 500/- per member
Family Member : Rs. 250/- per member
Annual Multiple, MDCCI, Quest Levy : Rs. 249/- per member
District News Letter Fee : Rs. 100/- per member
Club Officers Seminar Levy : Rs. 500/- per Club
P/S/T/1 VP Photo Printing : Rs. 500/- per Club
Club Advertisement : Rs. 3000/- per Club
Levy for 2022 Int. Convention in India : Rs. 125/- per member

Entrance Fee
New Member Rs. 200/- per member
Family Member Nil

International Dues for the first half should be paid by 31st Aug'19 and for the second half by the 28th Feb'20 (Refer District Contest Rules) The International will levy a carryover charge @ 1% per month on outstanding amount beyond 90 days from the date of bills raised. The amount of International bill should be sent by NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer)To "The International Association of Lions Clubs”.

District Dues: Canbepaid by Chequeor DD favoring “Lions District 317F 2019-20 A/c’

Name of Bank: Vijaya Bank (Bank of Baroda Gangagagar)
Name : M/S LIONS DISTRICT 317F 2019-2020A/C
Account No: 106501012000012.