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About Our District Logo

We are all part of this beautiful planet which is the only inhabitable planet in the universe.

Amongst all the countries of the world, we take pride in being indians as we are amongst one of the earliest civilizations with very rich culture, tradition and passion to serve the needy, we are further blessed to be nestled in one of the best places in india - Karnataka and we take pride in it.

We, the Lions are counted among those blessed souls who have joined the world's biggest social service organization and always come forward to serve the poor and needy of the society. We have been doing this over 100 years and for this we feel we are on top of the world with an ambition to do more and more.

To reach out poor and needy of our society we have been given Global Service Framework ie. Hunger, Vision, Environment, Diabetes and Childhood cancer. We the lions of District 317F are part of this wonderful family of 1.6 million lions worldwide as we take up this challenge to do more.

The Logo
Our District logo for the year has 'Lions logo' on the top with 'We Serve' which is motto of Lions Clubs International.

The logo also depicts five icons of 'Global Service Framework' (Hunger, Vision, Environment, Diabetes and Childhood Cancer) The central focus of the logo is the 'Theme of the Year' that is 'Lead to Serve' shown both in graphic image and in words.

The Theme
To accomplish the task of serving the needy and also to satisfy the Global service challenge, we need lions who can lead. It is not about the leader but it's about each lion who can lead to whatever extent possible to take up the challenges of serving the world.

Hence the theme of this Lionistic Year would be 'Lead to Serve' indicating that each and every lion is a leader when it comes to service.