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The Lions Clubs International of which we all belong, had brain storming sessions on the issue of Themes by various Lions Leaders across the world and came up with a solution so as to stand by our motto " We Serve ". This will be our common theme for the next three consecutive years.

As a member for the past 23 years and holding various positions I felt the need for adopting a suitable tag line for our District logo for me to base our programs.

Along with our International theme "We Serve'' I have added "To Change ", which may be interpreted in two ways, ie We as Lions do serve the downtrodden in the society trying to bring about the change AND let the service activity we do be the CHANGE for all the beneficiaries.

Let the Sight Conservation surgeries bring in new life to the patient and change his / her life, Let the Scholarship amount to students donated from Lions change the Fees accumulation, Let our Vocational Training centers provide employment and change the way he/she leads a life, let our Career Guidance program make way for the students to Think out of the Box and change for the better, Let the ECG /cardiac care program be an eye opener for our brothers in rural areas and let them change their lifestyle.... Let us be the change for needy and the underprivileged.

Regarding Administration, an agenda needs to be prepared so that we can practically achieve it. Reducing the timings of our meetings, Making our meetings lively, Bring in younger generation to our organization, Increase Motivational gestures but at the same time curb unnecessary Honoring . I would like to change the perspective of Lions image in our society so that it will help " Bringing in new Quality members" and also gain support from our society to Raise funds for our Projects.

With these few thoughts we have coined " We Serve - To change ".

Our Centennial Logo is in the center, depicting the epicenter of all our activities .The Circles is in the form of the Vision to Change a few activities listed.

Let's come together and ...Be The Change You Want To See.