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LCB Orchards Twining with LCB

LCB Sundarnagar feed the hunger

LCB Suraksha Hunger

LCB Gokula conducted Relieving Hunger service activities at St' Theresa Mercy Home , Rajajinagar

LCB Royal Palace has has taken up as a permanent project of providing groceries for the Chapel at Hennur Bande.and donated groceries, rice 100kgs, flake rice 30kgs, Banci Rave 30kgs, pulses 10kgs,Sugar 10kgs worth Rs 12,900/-

LCB Royal Palce conducted Feed the hunger program at NELE, All the inmates were provided with Breakfast

LCB Royal Palace conducted feed the hunger program by distributing 80 food packets on streets for scavengers and others

LCB Royal Palace conducted feed the hunger programme at NELE, Breakfast wes provided for all the inmates.

LCB Gokula provided breakfast to 50 needy persons of Theresa old age home.

LCB Royal palace donated provisions worth 16000/- to family of Hemanth

LCB Marutiseva nagar observed feed the hunger program by feeding 600 needy and poor persons at RS palya.

LCB Anubandha observed feed the hunger program at Prerana resource centre, 120 visually impaired and differently abled girls were provided with Lunch

LCB Samarpana donated 3000/-towards dinner expenses of dinner for inmates of Sarvodaya.

LCB Hennur Arvindnagar providing food for needy persons

LCB Akshaya feeding the children of Mano vikasa kendra

Feed The Hunger Program by LCB Spandan Lioness at Gandhi Old age Home

Feed tha hunger program by LCB Arvindnagar at Hennur Village

LCB vijaynagar spent 21000 for hunger program

Nearly one billion people go to bed hungry every night. That's why Lions and Leos are hard at work addressing this global need by providing help and hope to the children, families and neighbours who need it most. Lions and Leos distribute food to schoolchildren, stock food banks, create sustainable community gardens and lead community food drives to fight hunger where they live and work. We work to sustain life and dignity for the most vulnerable among us.

Be it providing food to persons on street, orphanages and old age homes or providing basic groceries to the needy our district plans to create new milestones in feeding the hunger. The same will be updated as it happens