District Governor Vision

My slogan is “Friendship in Service”.Our district is a very small district.I think this is an opportunity for us to foster Lions to develop friendship with every other Lion,so that it lays a strong foundation for unity in our district and to serve the community with devotion. Let us move forward with this vision and become lasting friends.


With more members,there will be scope to render more service. My aim is to have net membership growth of at least 20% including women during the year 2015-16.
To achieve this target all cabinet officers will have to ensure a minimum strength of 25 members in their home clubs.Each Region Chair person along with Zone Chair persons should extend at least 2/3 clubs in the unrepresented areas in the district.My request to all the clubs is to have a minimum net growth of 5 members in each club. I believe it is important to encourage family membership and youth participation through innovative activities.More efforts should be made to retain the charter members in the Club.


To provide more strength to the organisation we require quality leadership. An effective leadership team offers our members critical information, guidance and training. The District Leadership team of GLT identifies potential leaders among clubs in the District and gives training at various levels. The following training programmes have been planned.
1. Region,Zone and District Chairperson training.
2. Club Excellence Process (CEP) Facilitators Training. - Club leaders.
3. District Lions Leadership Institute (DLLI) training - First Vice Presidents.
4. Certified Guiding Line Programme (CGL) Training- Club leaders.
5. Regional Lions Leadership Institute (RLLI) training- Region and Zone Chairpersons.
6. All India Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI) training-Seniorlions.
7. Faculty Development Institute (FDI) training- Senior Lion.
8. Lions Learning Centre (LLC) training- Cabinet members and club leaders.
9. District level Seminars.- Club leaders.
10. Orientation Seminar for New Members and Clubs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As per the provision of Companies Bill passed on 18 December 2012 the Corporates could spend 2% of the net profits for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.The clubs can take advantage of this and approach the Corporate organizations to work in partnership with Lions Club International for various projects.

Swaccha Bharat & Environment:

The clubs should campaign to reduce pollution, garbage maintenance, encourage water management and rain water harvesting. Encourage each club to plant at least 100 saplings. Join hands with local Resident Welfare Associations and local communities so that we get more hands.

Lions Quest:

For more than 25 years, LCIF has supported Lions Quest, helping children grow in a positive direction, free from dangers of drugs and violence.All the clubs are encouraged to conduct this programme and implement it as a permanent project in the schools. hands.

E- Governance:

Communication is a vital link between Clubs,District and International. All the clubs and cabinet officers are advised to use only e-mail and sms form of communication. They are advised to read all the reports electronically. They should take care to send WMMR reports every month without fail and on time.The clubs are advised to upload all their service activities on the District and Lions International Website.

Image Building:

The clubs should involve the leaders in local communities to spread the ideals of Lions clubs.They should print flyers,invite the media and TV for all the major service programmes. It is also necessary for the clubs to sign MOU with different hospitals /organizations for providing low cost operations and other facilities to the needy. The clubs are encouraged to conduct awareness programmes, seminars and rallies.

Programmes to spread the awareness of:

1. Diabetes Check-up
2. Aids
3. Cancer
4. Eye pledging and cornea grafting
5. Kidney care and donation
6. Health check up camps
7. Blood donation
8. Dental care
9. Waste management
10. Support Children.

Lions Free Cardiac care Centers:

All the Clubs will be encouraged to have a Cardiac Care Center as permanent project of the Clubs.The Clubs should be able to contact the local Govt.hospitals and help them to install a Cardiac Care Center in theHospitals.Thiswill help to serve the patientsin all emergency cases. Narayana Hrudayalaya led by Dr. Devi Shetty will give necessary instructions to the hospital staff to treat the patients. For any further treatment it is planned to sign an MOU with Narayana Hrudalaya to subsidize the operations cost if recommended by the Lions Clubs. This project will definitely help the needy and improve the image of the Lions Clubs to attract more Members to join the Clubs.

Peace Poster Contest:

Lions Clubs across the globe conduct a Peace Poster contest in majority of the countries.The theme for this year (2015-16) contest is “Share Peace”. All the clubs in the District should conduct this programme in the schools of their community. LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) LCIF was established in the year 1968.This is the humanitarian funding arm of Lions Clubs International. It receives contribution from Lions and others. It provides millions of dollars for service projects world wideand extends service during natural calamities. Lions Clubs collect contributions starting from $1 to $100 towards LCIF. In the year 1973, MJF Programme started with an intention of mobilizing funds.The Lions and others must pay $1000 to be enrolled as Melvin Jones fellow.This is a noble programme.This year, together we must motivate and generate at least 50 MJFs.

Centennial Service Challenge:

Our organisation is going to celebrate 100 years in service. On this occasion the Centennial Service Challenge programme is initiated. Programmes like Engaging the youth, relieving the hunger, protecting our environment and sharing the vision should be under taken by the clubs.One or more clubs should join together and conduct. My manifesto is to further our goal “Friendship in service”.This will set out plans to address the service projects that meet the International goals of Lions Clubs International as well as the needs of local communities. This manifesto is ambitious but affordable, bold but realistic, and learns from the lessons we take from the experience to date. Over the next year we will together confront major challenges and meet our goals.This is a moment for good judgement and serious purpose to meet the challenges ahead. I believe that our Manifesto charts an optimistic course in building and taking forward the main goals of the Lions Club International. I want the very best for our District 317F.This is only possible with the support and joint efforts of all Lion Members of my district. This Manifesto is my pledge To Serve.