Events & Activities

July 2015

Second Breakfast Meeting
The Second Breakfast meeting of PSTs of the following Clubs with the District Governor was conducted on Wednesday, 29th of July, 2015 at 8.00 AM at Hotel SukhSagar on Kammanahalli Main Road. LCB Aravind Nagar, LCB Kalyananagar, LCB Orchards, LCB MS Nagar, LCB Banaswadi, LCB Sikshana... More+
Cabinet Presentation
The 1st,2nd VDGs, Secretariat and Cabinet Officers for the Lionistic Year 2015-16 were installed by International Director for 2012-14 Lion R.Sunil Kumar, pmjf, in a glittering program at the JnanaJyothi Auditorium. The colorful event was presided over by our District Governor Lion N.Kumar, pmjf, where... More+
First Cabinet Meeting
The First Cabinet Meeting started on-time, as with all District programs, the DG Lion N.Kumar presented his plans, and the district projects. Many Clubs came forward and made significant contribution to the Kidney Dialysis project. All the RCs along with the ZCs provided their plans and reports... More+
First Breakfast Meeting
The District Governor started the breakfast meeting with five club leaders at Hotel ShanthiSagar, R.T.Nagar. We had a wonderful time in interacting on the following programmes - Administration, Kidney dialysis machine, Cardiac care centres, image building, CSR, fund raising, centennial, club twinning, indoctrination... More+
PST and 1st VP Schooling
The PST and First VP Schooling was held on Sunday,12th of July, 2015 at Hotel Citadel. The Schooling commenced with Breakfast at 8.00 AM and endedwith High tea. About 145 PSTs, and 1st VPs attended the schooling and enriched their knowledge on Lionism and conducting their duties as Office Bearers for the Lionsitic Year 2015-16, to take their Clubs and the... More+