District Governor Program & Vision


Lions Clubs International is known for FELLOWSHIP AND SERVICE. Fellowship is to meet people from various walks of life and develop networking. Every day we keep adding new friends to our fold, thus making our network grow. The motto of Lionism is WE SERVE. We need to identify the poor and the needy and wherever the need arises, we as Lions have to be there to help.

Being the World's largest service organization, we have served the mankind for 100 years and all of us are proud about this. It is with great PRIDE THAT WE ARE MARCHING TOWARDS the next century of selfless service.

Therefore, I have selected the Slogan MARCH WITH PRIDE
The strong shield in the background is protecting us from all unwanted issues, evil forces and bad elements.
The Gold Color symbolizes richness – So we can March with Pride
The three proud members from different walks of life, depicted by three colors are marching ahead to serve with pride into the next century.
The Colors Blue Keep us cool, Green shows growth & Red reflects our achievements
We have served the mankind for a Century now and we are proud of this. It is time to celebrate our achievements. Serving the mankind for a Century is a matter of PRIDE for all of us.
Our District 317 F is ready to March towards greater service with membership growth.


CENTENNIAL YEAR is a milestone in the history of our Organisation. It is the time to celebrate our success and march forward with Pride. At the same time, we have plenty of challenges ahead of us and we need to gear up to meet these challenges and take our organisation to the next century.

In view of these challenges ahead and milestones to be achieved, I have formulated the Vision and Goals for this lionistic year for our young District. I am of the view that Lions Clubs around the world have come together to serve the communities around them and each Club is a fundamental component in the global alliance called Lions Clubs International. We the members and Clubs from District 317 F also work on the same philosophy and fundamental objectives of our organisation. Hence, following are the Vision and Goals for the year and I request all Lions, Lioness & Leos to join me in this mission.


MEMBERSHIP: Members are Lions Club's most important assets. More Members means more service to community. Focus should be on quality membership growth with proper Indoctrination and Induction. We need to encourage spouse membership and Induction of more Women and Youth to our organisation. I want Clubs with membership strength below 20 members to aim to reach 20-25 plus, Clubs with membership strength between 20 to 30 members to cross 30-35 plus and Clubs with membership strength between 30 to 40 members to cross 40-45 plus. My target is to have a Net Membership growth of 20% for our District by the end of the Lionistic year.

EXTENSION: After the redistricting of our parent District three years ago, we started with 56 clubs. Unfortunately we could not increase the number of clubs and at present we have only 49 clubs. Therefore, we need to identify unrepresented areas and extend Clubs with minimum 25 members. I wish to extend 5 Lions Clubs, 2 Leo clubs and 2 Lioness clubs during this year.

LEADERSHIP: We are facing difficulties in finding leaders to take up leadership positions at Club as well as District level.

Developing leaders at all levels is essential to lead our organization in to the future.Therefore, I wish to organize more

Leadership Seminars/Workshops at District level and encourage the same at Club level.

CLUB MEETINGS: One of the most important aspects of club meetings is Fellowship. Meeting and greeting participants, making them feel that they are an important part of the group and having a pleasant atmosphere are critical to any meetings.

General body Meetings must be short, time bound with Agenda and preferably with guest speakers to improve the attendance in the meetings. Board of Directors Meetings must be effective and business like.

TWINNING: To promote Friendship and foster International Understanding, I wish to encourage Clubs to have Inter Club, Inter District and International Twinning Meetings. Plan to have more outings, picnics and encourage members to attend District functions, Multiple Conventions, Area Forums and International Conventions.

LEO AND LIONESS CLUBS: To promote Leadership Development and service mind among the Youth of the community & to channelize the vast energies of youth towards constructive activities, I request Lions Clubs to sponsor Leo Clubs in our District. Similarly, Lioness movement is also very active in our District. We should encourage lioness movement who are doing yeomen service to the society silently, without expecting any awards and rewards from Lions Clubs International.

LCIF & LDSF: Both these are service arms of Lions Clubs International and our District. All the mount contributed to these Foundations goes to service projects. Therefore, I request Lions, Lioness & Leos to contribute liberally. I am planning to enroll 25 MJFs/PMFs and raise at least Rs 5, 00,000 for LDSF.

SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS: I wish to conduct 6 seminars which would benefit Club Officers and Cabinet Officers.

PEACE POSTER CONTEST: Each year Lions Clubs around the world proudly conduct Peace Poster Contest in local schools and youth groups. Theme for the 2016-17 is “A Celebration of Peace”. This contest encourages children to express their vision & view about peace. I request all the Clubs to promote this program in their locality.

E-GOVERNANCE: I wish to encourage all the Clubs and Cabinet officers to communicate electronically with the District and Lions Clubs International in order to have effective and speedy communication and cut down on the usage of paper.

SLOGAN: I have chosen the slogan “MARCH WITH PRIDE”.
We should feel proud of being Lions and serving the needy people for the past 100 years. With this satisfaction, we should move into the next century with PRIDE. In this great moment, Clubs have to reinvent themselves with new ways of thinking, revitalize with new ideas and reestablish their mission for the new century with renewed enthusiasm.

CENTENNIAL YEAR: Celebration of Centennial year begins from 1st January 2017 and continues up to 31 December 2017. I expect all clubs to plan for innovative ways of celebration from January 2017 by organizing cultural shows, service activities showcasing our achievements over the years & by inviting Lions with their family and friends.Also celebrate the CentennialYear by promoting a Legacy Project for your Club. At the District level also I am planning for a big event.


SHARING THE VISION: Organize Eye Screening for 20000 beneficiaries including children and support 5000 free Cataract eye surgeries

PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT: Promote Planting of 10000 tree saplings to protect and improve the environment.

RELIEVING THE HUNGER: Organize feeding healthy food for 1000 beneficiaries

ENGAGING OUR YOUTH: Encourage each Club to conduct at least one youth program


BLOOD DONATION: Organize Voluntary Blood donation Camps to collect 20000 units of blood.

SCHOLARSHIP: Distribute scholarships worth Rs 10, 00,000 to 100 students pursuing professional courses who are academically bright and financially weak.

SERVICE TO DIFFERENTLY ABLED: Provide 100 Wheel Chairs/Artificial Limbs.

HEALTH CHECK UP CAMPS: Organize free health checkup camps to benefit 1, 00,000 people

QUEST PROGRAM: Introduce Quest in at least 25 schools to reach 1000 children.

SWACCHHA BHARAT PROGRAM: Conduct Campaign to create awareness in general public.

DIABETES CHECKUP CAMPS: Motivate at least 25 Clubs to conduct camps.

AIDS AWARENESS CAMPS: Organize at least 3 awareness camps in public places

DENTAL CAMPS: Conduct Dental camps in at least 25 schools benefitting 15,000 children.

PRIME MINISTER PROGRAM: Support construction of minimum of 50 household toilets wherever needed.


Cardiac care camps for children.
Speech & Hearing Camps.
Awareness camps about Kidney Care.
Campaign to Promote Organ Donations and Pledging.
Traffic Awareness Promotion.
Services to Women and Children.
Cultural and Community activities.
Veterinary Camps.

Friends, all these programs will be successful only with the support and joint efforts of members of our District. I earnestly request all Clubs and Leaders to extend support and co-operation to achieve targets set out and let's celebrate the Centennial year in a befitting manner.