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About District Governor

K. Ramesh Rao pmjf
District Governor

Lion K. Ramesh Rao, pmjf is born on 13th October, 1959, at Bangalore to Smt.K.Mahalakshmi & K.Sathyanarayana,who was an Army Officer, achiever of President's medal. He hails from a well educated family.

He has cultivated the habits of self discipline, integrity, straight forwardness, work dedication,commitment, involvement, Social Services etc.

He has achieved post graduation in education in the field of commerce, law, literature and management. He is a trained amateur Pilot License Holder.

He worked initially as senior managerial cadre in a public limited company. He is fond of Literature, and has also written some articles which were published in some of the journals. He also has ventured in the field of business field for some time and having passion in law has joined the Legal profession during 1985-86.

He is practicing in the High Court, District Courts and also dealt with some matters in the Supreme Court of India. Some of the cases dealt by him are published in various legal journals, publications, some of which were confirmed by the Supreme Court. He is fond of literature,social works.

He has been associated with several Service Trusts as advisor, Trustee etc., more fond of welfare activities towards Women and Children. He has joined the Lionism during 1995 as Charter Vice President of Lions Club of Bangalore Orchards. He was three times club president and dealt with all the positions at the club level.

He has joined the District Cabinet during 1999-2000 as District Chairperson. Since then for about more than 12 years he is in the Lions District Cabinet in Dist. 324 D1, later Dist. 324 D6 now known as Dist.317A&E. He has served as District Chairperson for various subject matters like Constitution & By-laws, Legal Aids, Human Rights, Educational Scholarships, Corporate Social Responsibility etc. He also served as Zone Membership Advisor, Zone Chairperson and Region Chairperson. He also has worked with Lions Leadership for bifurcation of the Dist. 317 E into E & F, in view of developing Lionism at large scale in the unrepresented areas.

He has drafted the Lions District Constitution & By-laws for District 317 E and our District. 317 F. He is referred in our Lions as Ambedkar of Lions Dist.Constitution. He has drafted all the District Service Trusts in Dist.317 E and also in our Dist. 317 F. He has drafted and given free services in formation of more than 55 Lions Service Trusts, apart from other social trusts.