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Dear Lions,
Friends in Community Services and Entrepreneurs in the cause of Service, Greetings.
Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service oriented organization with nearly I.3 million members in approximately, 46,000+ clubs in 206+ countries & other geographical area around the world. Since inception, Lions Clubs have worked for the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service throughout the world .Lions all over the world are united for a single cause- Helping the less fortunate and service the communities they live and work.

Lions improve the quality of life in their local community people by building parks. Supporting schools, establishing hospitals by conducting various health camps and by creating awareness about Diabetes AIDS, Cancer, Water, Conservation, Environment, Teaching Life Skills in Schools & Colleges, Legal Aids etc.

Our Lions District 317F comprises of 56 + Lions Clubs in revenue districts of Bangalore Urban, Rural and Chikkaballapur. Lions form our district have worked in various community projects like Eye hospitals, Blood banks, Cornea grafting Centers Speech and Hearing Center, Old Age Homes, Orphanages, Dialysis Centers, Health Activities, Artificial Limbs Distribution, Education Scholarships & Services, other need based innovative Service Activities.

Our Lions District 317F is brining out a directory of its members and other agencies. This directory will be reaching nearly 2000 + Lion members, Business houses and other renowned establishments all over India. The net proceeds will be used for various community Service projects. Proceeds from past fund raising events have gone to support various communities based service activities like eye camps, blood donation camps, scholarship and other health related awareness programs.

The Advertisements also shall help several business entrepreneurs to have better interaction with Lions, Corporate, other business areas in respect of their business and personal endeavors. Many Lions & Non Lions can make use of the Advertisement information’s for their use and development.

We are proud of our organization 97 years of service to the community. The Lion member of District 317F thanks each and everyone who contributed to this important work. This is an opportunity for every citizen to become a partner in serving the community. You are truly helping Lions make a difference in our community “We hope you will be generous in your contributions and support our cause through your generosity and commitment. Kindly send your Ad Information with its tariffs as in this brochure at the earliest to enable us to release the Lions Dist. Directory for 2014-15 preferably by the end of July 2014. Kindly co-operate.