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Service Activity


Mega Twin Meeting and observing the honouring of service men.

We LCB SAMARPAN LIONESS conducted our General Body meeting for the month of December 2020 partially physical and partially virtual , a Mega twin meeting with four other clubs from different regions and zones.

We had with us LCB AKSHAYA,LCB BHANDAVYA, LCB J C NAGAR, LCB NORTH LIONESS, who joined the meeting.

The meeting started with a bang and it was an opportunity to meet 35 members from five clubs who shared their experiences and services conducted till now, which not only gave insight to venture into different areas of service but also inspired one another to do better to best for the coming 6 months.

All the club secretaries shared their secretary reports briefing all the club activities and service activities conducted till now and giving a gist as to how much amount spent overall till now, which help each club to understand where and what they can do prioritising their services.

We had with us RC Ln Dr Simha Shastri, RC Ln Sundari Venkatachalam, ZC Lion Sharadha Mulugund, DC for senior citizens Lion Venkatesh Murthy pmjf attending the meeting on Zoom and Lion Venkatesh Murthy pmjf DC for senior citizens physically present as we had a service Activitity with the meeting for SHANKARI OLDAGE HOME.

We observed honouring the service persons from Army, Civil, Navy etc. We LCB SAMARPAN LIONESS honoured Retired Commodore Mr M N Vishwanath from INDIAN NAVY, who is also the spouse of our club member Lion Shailaja Vishwanath, who was a great spontaneous sport, who not only gave a brief speech but also exhibited his skill of singing on a request.

LCB BHANDAVYA honoured Mrs Subhashini w/o Late Col Vasanth from INDIAN ARMY, who runs an NGO called Vasantha Ratna foundation in remembrance of her spouse Mr Vasant, catering to different needs and especially for women. She delivered her talks sharing her experiences related to her work as well as some aspects of social sigma , present in our society even today . Her sprech was Very inspiring and creating awareness amongst all present. Overall a great meeting which started and ended with the complete protocols followed and felt happy to see all the 35 entusiasts participating in the meet that too during a period of covid, proving the enthusiasm of Lions where ever they go.