IOL Camp

The IOL Camp was not conducted on 16/11/2017 due to Doctor’s strike.
Hence the same camp is being post poned to 23/11/2017. During that date,the following service activities conducted.
1) Financial Assistance of Rs 5000/- given to Smt.Mamatha(Handicapped) W/o B.Manjunath,Devanahalli from Lions Club of Devanahalli.
2) Nutrition food worth of Rs 1200/- distributed to TB patients by Lion.P.Gangadhar,President, Lions Club of Devanahalli

The program Inaugurated by Shri.Ranganna, Silk Merchant, Kabban pet, Bangalore Presided by Lion P.Gangadhar, President, Lions Club of Devanahalli.
The following Lion members have attended the program.
1) Lion R.RaviKumar,DC for Farmer’s Welfare
2)Lion C.Bhaskar,Treasurer,Lions Club of Devanahalli
3)Lion V.Gopal,Immediate Past President, Lions Club of Devanahalli
4)Lion A.Chandrappa,Past President, Lions Club of Devanahalli
5)Lion Sriramaiah,Member, Lions Club of Devanahalli
6)Lion N.Jayaprakash, Member, Lions Club of Devanahalli