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Theme "Eye Sight " Widows to the World

Hellen Keller said , "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision"

This year District Governor entrusted the key five focus area of service of Lions clubs of International to 5 of his Region Chairperson as their theme.

With the support of GAT team and concerned District Chairpersons thro all clubs in the district goal is to promote Vision care.

The vision service focus will be taken care by the following team;
RC Theme : Eye Sight - "Window to the World"

Region Chairperson- Lion Bernaad R Chetty, mjf
Global Service Coordinator: Lion G Venkatesh, mjf
District Chairperson- vision Care
Lion Sunil Kumar Khimsura
Lion Dr . Vinod Kumar
Lion Vijay Kumar Menon
Lion R Shiva Kumar

In Association with Zeiss International
Support of all clubs in Dist 317F